Katie Burnside

Katie Burnside
The first film I ever watched that wasn’t a kiddies film was “Grease” and I loved it. I used to watch it every weekend and back then it was on tape so it was a nightmare rewinding it all the time. When I was about 10 I watched “Transformers” and I thought it was the best film I’d ever seen. It blew me away. In my mind I was like, “how do you make something like that?” That’s when I realised I wanted to go into the film industry. I haven’t decided which area yet but at the minute I’m enjoying writing blogs on films and editing short films and music videos.

As there aren’t many females in this industry, I want to inspire other females like me, who love film, to pursue a career in film as I believe more females are needed, especially if we’re to get better and stronger representations of women on screen. This is something I’m really passionate about because I feel the representations of women on screen is sometimes quite insulting and untruthful. I’m that passionate about it that this was what I based my dissertation on at University.

I’m currently living in Malta working for a film company, which is very rewarding.


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