Paola Harvey


Movies and visual storytelling have always fascinated Paola Harvey, especially as a kid growing up in the ’90s where iconic movies like Titanic and Jurassic Park were being released, Pixar was born, and the Disney Renaissance was at its peak.

What made Paola passionate about movies and criticizing films, however, is the Academy Awards. In 2017, she realized she would be watching the awards show year after year without having seen most of the films that were nominated. This really bothered Paola and she wanted to change that. And so, at the start of 2018, she committed to watching (almost) every single Oscar-nominated film and short that was released that year so she can finally be in the loop of the awards chatter.

To help her further understand industry trends and other film critics’ perspectives on movies, Paola also started to regularly watch movie reviews/video essays on YouTube and listen to countless episodes of movie podcasts. Before she knew it, she would feel inspired to post her own movie reviews on her personal Instagram stories and, eventually, on Geek Vibes Nation website as one of their newest writers. Paola recently found out about the OAFFC from one of her favorites movies podcast and she is beyond ecstatic to be a part of a community who loves to watch films as much as she does!

Today, Paola is a freelance filmmaker who still spends WAY too much time at the movies. Along with being a writer and podcaster for Geek Vibes Nations, she is also a DisInsider contributor. If she is not catching an early screening of the latest flick, she is probably at home snuggling with her Goldendoodle puppy or wishing she can be somewhere in the mountains instead. Some of her other hobbies include watching her favorite YouTubers, listening to a good podcast, and hiking + traveling with her husband. She enjoys obsessing over all things Disney, rewatching seasons of “The Office” and “Parks & Rec”, supporting indie films, and geeking out about her favorite movie franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel.


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Favorite Movies:

“Roma,” “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” “The Dark Knight,” “Beauty and the Beast” (1994)

Professional Memberships:

  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member
  • Women Film Critics Circle, Member

Social Media:

TWITTER    instagram