Caitlin Kennedy

Caitlin Kennedy

Caitlin is a sweater enthusiast, film critic, and lean, mean writing machine based in Austin, TX. Her love of film began with being shown Rosemary’s Baby at a particularly impressionable age and she’s been hooked ever since. She loves a good bourbon and hates people who talk in movies. Caitlin has been writing since 2014 and you can find her work on Film Inquiry, The Mary Sue, The Financial Diet, Nightmarish Conjurings, and many others.


Nightmarish Conjurings, The Mary Sue, Film Inquiry, But Why Tho?, Screen Queens, Daily Dead

Favorite Movie:

“El Dorado” (1966)

Professional Memberships:

  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member
  • Women Film Critics Circle, Member
  • Online Film and Television Association, Member
  • Rotten Tomatoes, Tomatometer Approved Critic

Social Media:

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