Hillary Butler


Though I went to the movies often as a child, I didn’t start thinking more seriously about them until my early teens where nights might have included watching the Marx Brothers or an Alfred Hitchcock film with my dad. I tried to start a film blog while I was in university, but my studies (as a veterinarian, yes, I’m a strange hybrid) kept me too busy. So it wasn’t until I moved to the UK in 2010 that I started writing more seriously, and learning more about film.

I’ve been contributing to Live for Films for the last five years, writing not only reviews but interviews and awards coverage. While I miss being in London, I’m very lucky to now be based back in my home town of Toronto where we host a pretty substantial film festival every year that I am privileged to cover. It’s my favourite time of year in this great city! I also got to “attend” my first (virtual) Sundance in 2021, something I hope to do in person someday.

I’m excited to continue writing and expanding my film horizons – and if it happens with a glass of wine in hand even better! When I’m not working or watching films, I hope I’m traveling with my partner, Mike, curling up with a book, or spending time with my four legged-companion, the best Havanese, Lola.


Live for Films

Favorite Movie:

“Garden State”

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  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member

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