Jennifer Heaton


Jennifer Heaton is a filmmaker first and foremost, cutting her teeth in her BA degree before focusing in on her screenwriting skills by earning an MA at The London Film School. During those years, criticism has also became a key part of her love of cinema, and she has been writing about film through various incarnations of her website since 2012.

In its current form, Alternative Lens is an informative but accessible analysis of current cinema from a filmmaker’s perspective, and has also expanded into video essay form on her YouTube channel (which she really wishes she could do more of, but time is a cruel mistress!)

Outside of film, Jennifer is also a massive fan of other nerdy pursuits like video games and comics books, and a proactive supporter of advancing LGBTQ+ rights.

She currently resides in Glasgow, Scotland.


Alternative Lens

Favorite Movies:

“Evil Dead II”

Professional Memberships:

  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member
  • Rotten Tomatoes, Tomatometer Approved Critic

Social Media:

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