Jordy Sirkin

Jordy Sirkin

Jordy developed a passion for movies at a young age. It started with the magic of Disney, then grew to an obsession with filmmaking in general. With a love for the kooky and creepy, films like The Nightmare Before Christmas and Gremlins slowly developed her future respect for the horror genre—once she worked up enough courage to actually watch them. Eventually she pursued Film & Media in college, even interning on a horror movie set.

She started her own site Jordy Reviews It in 2015, eventually becoming a Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic. While she covers a variety of films, horror movies are still at the top, closely followed by Disney and Marvel. Her main goal is to get people excited about filmmaking (she always has a fun fact to share), check out movies they might not otherwise, and form a discussion.


Jordy Reviews It

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