Lexi Amoriello

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Lexi Amoriello’s biggest passion is movies. No one introduced her to classic films growing up; it’s a love that came into fruition all on its own. Being an all-or-nothing type of person meant that her interest in cinema escalated into a full-blown obsession.

She studied screenwriting at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia before transferring to William Paterson University. She graduated summa cum laude and earned her B.A. in English with a concentration in writing and a minor in film studies.

Lexi was a writer for The New York City Independent Film Festival and worked at the Cannes Film Festival for two consecutive years. Her dream is to find a job that’s movie-related, but she’s working in marketing for the time being.

Lexi’s written movie reviews for the NYC Indie Film Festival, Film Inquiry, and Pre-Show. She recently launched a site of her own, Cinemusings. She spends all of her free time at the movies, writing about movies, talking about movies, or at home watching movies with her dog.


Film Inquiry

Favorite Movie:

“Modern Times”

Professional Memberships:

  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member

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