Nicola Austin


I’m currently a Digital Marketing Coordinator by day and Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic by night, based in Warwickshire, UK.

I run my own pop culture news, reviews and interviews website, We Have a Hulk. I absolutely love sci-fi, fantasy and superhero films, (along with anything Disney or Pixar) and primarily started the website in an attempt to add a female voice to the often male dominated genre.

I also contribute reviews and interviews to the UK outlet JumpCut Online, and have previously contributed to US outlet Geeks WorldWide.

One of my highlights of the year is attending film festivals, primarily London Film Festival, but this year I (virtually) attended Fantasia International Film Festival which was a lot of fun! Next year I’m attending Sundance Film Festival for the first time ever, which is so exciting.


We Have A Hulk

Favorite Movie:

“Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring”

Professional Memberships:

  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member
  • Film Independent, Member

Social Media:

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