Robyn Gray

Robyn Gray

My name is Robyn and I have loved movies for as long as I can remember. From crawling to grab “101 Dalmatians” from the shelf to now buying tickets a month ahead of time, I guess you could call me obsessed.

It’s not only the escapism that the movie provides but the story, character development, acting, location, texture, colors, sounds, and of course music. They all come together allowing the experience of a whole new world.

Because I am a fan of all kinds of films, many people have asked my opinion of whatever movie is out and my answers are never simplistic. Most people enjoy my thoughts and have encouraged/wished I’d write them down. So, here I am.


Robyn Gray & the Silver Screen

Favorite Movie:

“E.T. the Extra Terrestrial”

Professional Memberships:

  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member

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