Sade Glover


Sade loves watching TV shows and movies. Sade enjoys over-analyzing media and discussing themes with other people, especially her husband, which is why she created the Offscreen Babble podcast. When she falls in love with a show or film she is known to watch it repeatedly; she finds it quite comforting.

Sade is new to sharing her opinions on media through the podcast but she has really grown to enjoy it. She also produces, edits, and markets every show.

She also dabbles in creating art, mostly buttons, related to the media she likes and topics covered on the podcast.

When she’s not talking about movies or working on crafts, Sade’s listening to one of the over 100 podcasts she subscribes to or spending time with her husband and co-host, Kyle, and dog, Chompers.


Offscreen Babble

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  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member

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