Alessandra Rangel

Alessandra Rangel

Originally from Mexico City, Alessandra found an eternal love in movies. From a young age, she has been enjoying watching her favourite films over and over again, while counting the trips to the movie theatres her favourite activity in the world. Right now, she is trying to catch up with the classics, while writing about contemporary cinema.

She created Palomita de maíz in 2017, a Mexican entertainment website to share her love for cinema with her audience – instead of talking to herself about this obsession. Her main objective is to strengthen the role of Mexican and Latin American film critics in the industry, while providing a fun, critical and appreciative point of view.


Palomita de maíz

Favorite Movie:

“When Harry Met Sally”

Professional Memberships:

  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member
  • Women Film Critics Circle (WFCC), Member

Social Media:

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