Jen Johans


An avid film buff as well as a three-time national award-winning writer, the only time Jen Johans ever got into trouble in school was for talking about movies during quiet time. Yet although she’d discovered her passion for the arts early, it wasn’t until a research paper written about sixth grade crush Robert Downey Jr.’s onscreen alter ego Charlie Chaplin garnered Johans her first writing award that she realized maybe it was better to talk about movies on the page after all.

Learning as much as she could about film as well as the craft of screenwriting both on her own as well as in college where she designed her own curriculum, Johans received a BA in Film Studies and was dubbed a walking movie encyclopedia. Dedicated to sharing her love of film with others, she went from working on local festivals to curating and hosting a film discussion series before she launched the first version of her site Film Intuition in her final semester back in 2006.

Originally devoted solely to the work of female filmmakers (hence its name), although she branched out as readership grew to cover everything from classic to modern mainstream fare, after 12 years and 2,400 pieces, Johans remains just as committed as ever to reviewing films made by women. Likewise eager to showcase foreign, arthouse, and indie titles often overlooked on other sites, when she isn’t writing about or watching movies, chances are she can be found talking about them on Twitter (@FilmIntuition) where there’s no such thing as quiet time.


Film Intuition

Favorite Movie:

“The Godfather” trilogy

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  • Online Association of Female Film Critics, Member

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