Inaugural ‘Rosie’ Award Goes to “RBG”


The Rosie award (named for the iconic Rosie the Riveter) celebrates the film that best promotes women, their voices, and the female experience through cinema. We are pleased to announce that the documentary “RBG” has taken the inaugural honor.

The film, directed by two women (Julie Cohen and Betsy West), explores the life of one of the most important females of our time, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The countless contributions that Justice Ginsburg has made to the law in this country — both as a practicing attorney and as a jurist — have done much to promote the equality and status of women in the eyes of the law. Justice Ginsburg is both an icon and a shining example for women and men everywhere.

For these reasons, the OAFFC is proud to select “RBG” as the recipient of its first annual Rosie award.

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